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Last Breath (Sam Archer 8) now available!

I'm delighted to let you know the eighth Sam Archer thriller Last Breath is now available! A Federal manhunt is underway across the United States. A sniper has killed three people in three different cities during the last seventy two hours and he’s gone to ground somewhere in Washington D.C. No-one can find him, and riots have erupted on the streets in response to the shootings. The lead suspect is a police officer. As the search for the cop intensifies, the violence engulfing the U.S capital means nowhere and no-one is safe, especially the police, who are being targeted by rioters and gangs are making the most of the opportunity and taking over the streets. With the killer on the loose, individuals are taking the law into their own hands. A fourteen year old boy moves through the riot zone, determined to find the killer. A reporter tries to make her way into the city despite the rioting, wanting to get to the suspect before anyone else. And NYPD Detective Sam Archer arrives in the city visiting family. Or so it would appear. In the eighth instalment of the Sam Archer thriller series, the young NYPD cop finds himself drawn into a situation far beyond his control, in a city being torn apart by rioting and violence. Forced to fight or die and to protect others in danger on the streets, his focus is reduced to the absolute, most basic human instinct: survive. And as long as Archer has breath in his lungs, he can still fight back. As ever, if you enjoy the novel, good reviews on Amazon are invaluable to me as I build the series and would be hugely appreciated (as would any reviews for the previous books.) For convenience, I've attached a link to Last Breath's page on Amazon: UK: US: Thank you so much for your support; it means a great deal. Happy reading ;) Best wishes, Tom

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