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Jump Seat (Sam Archer 9) now available

I'm delighted to let you know the ninth Sam Archer thriller Jump Seat is now available! A commercial plane carrying almost two hundred people crashes into the Atlantic Ocean. Eyewitnesses on a yacht say the flight, bound for the United States from Portugal, was on fire as it fell from the sky. The search is on to find the wreckage. Seventy two hours later, another plane goes missing, American Airlines 44, bound for New York from Paris, France; with terrorism now suspected, the NYPD’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau are asked for their assistance. The scale of the case and the distances involved are factors Sergeant Matt Shepherd’s team have never encountered before. And it soon becomes clear the five detectives will have to be deployed thousands of miles apart if they’re going to stand a chance of finding out who’s responsible for the attacks. Alice Vargas and Lisa Marquez, sent to find an air marshal whose record suggests he’s up to more than just flying mission flights. Harry Ledger, dispatched to the American Airlines wreckage site in the Atlantic to see if there are any clues as to how it was brought down. And Sam Archer. Despite an unexpected complication that could affect his capability, Archer is sent somewhere he has never had to investigate a crime before. 35,000 feet up in the sky. As the usually close-knit team find themselves spread out around the world, from Mexico to London, Las Vegas to Paris, the investigation pushes them all to their limit as they face an enemy more intelligent, determined and merciless than any they have faced before. Hundreds of lives have been lost and thousands more are on the line. One mistake and gravity will do the rest. We meet again! I apologise for the time of delay between this novel and the last (almost two years). My biggest fear as an storyteller is to become stale and repetitive, so after Last Breath was launched I decided to take a bit of time away from novel writing and focus on some shorter fiction along with a bit of travelling. I always think if you're going to write something, you'd better have something to say. I ended last year invigorated by the short spell away and wanted to also pay you back for the time waiting for the next installment. Consequently, this is my longest Sam Archer novel; twice the length of some of the others! A quick request: I say this with every email I send, but if you enjoy the novel, good reviews on Amazon are invaluable to me as I build the series. If you could take the time, it would be hugely appreciated (as would any reviews for the previous books.) For convenience, I've attached a link to Jump Seat's major regional pages on Amazon: United Kingdom United States Canada Australia Thank you so much for your support. It means a great deal. I've missed our time apart; I hope this story proves to be worth the wait... Best wishes, Tom

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