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November 2016 Update and upcoming releases

Hey guys, quick update:

Been working hard for the last few weeks on finishing up 3 stories I’ll have ready for you in December. Each one is 30,000 words long and are the 1st half of 6 stories in total coming out in the next six months. Hendricks, Marquez and Ledger are the 1st trio, followed by Archer, Chalky and Vargas, and each story is a prequel. My beta reader loves what she’s read of them so far, so I’m hoping you all will too :)

Some cool street art in Montreal ;)- looked familiar

I’m also raring to go on Sam Archer 9 and have put down a quarter of it already. Some of you have been asking when it would be released, which will be sometime next year. I wanted to take a bit of a break this year from writing full length novels and instead put together stuff of equal length and quality but in a slightly different format. The last thing I want to do is become repetitive and have the series lose its energy, pace and excitement. Publishing 8 novels in 3 ½ years before my 29th birthday meant I needed to take a breather, do some travelling, have a load of new experiences and come to Sam Archer 9 with a fresh mentality and excitement. It’s already working and I like what I have already on the page. It’s going to be one hell of a roller-coaster ride, I can promise.

Top of the CN Tower in Toronto-beautiful city

Some very cool things are being talked about behind the scenes in regards to drastically increasing the reach/popularity of the series around the world. I can’t reveal anything just yet as the conversations continue, but the future’s looking bright for Archer and the team.

Happy Tuesday and thanks for supporting/following/reading. Best wishes to you all.


Until next time...

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