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'Close Calls' now available!

I'm delighted to tell you that my new book is now available! From the author of the best-selling Sam Archer thriller series comes a collection of three roller-coaster stories. A vigilante cage fighter, with a violent score to settle. A sniper caught in a hellacious ambush, thousands of miles from home. A young woman standing in for a friend's shift at the World Trade Center on 9/11. In these three stories from Tom Barber, familiar characters from the Sam Archer thriller series stare Death right in the eye. Moments in their lives that forged the people they are today. Moments they would never forget. Their close calls. As ever, if you enjoy the collection, good reviews on Amazon are invaluable to me as I build the series and would be hugely appreciated (as would any reviews for the previous books.) For convenience, I've attached a link to Close Call's page on Amazon:

Thank you so much for your support; it means a great deal. Happy reading and happy Christmas ;) Best wishes, Tom

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